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Save $10,000 with 'RENT TO OWN"

The rent to own program will help you eventually own your home.  There will be a low down payment, lower monthly payments and lower mortgage than renting or owning outright with a traditional mortgage

Because we will carry the financing which we will do with minimum credit, we will be more flexible than the banks, which have several lending regulations and criteria.  Also for a small fee $1000 you can easily transfer the lease option to an approved renter.

We will contribute a standard amount of your rent to equity and the eventual sale price and a $5000 discount on the original SRP.  see chart *

The program will give you five years to establish a good credit history, build equity and qualify for a much smaller mortgage. The "Rent to Own Program" will save you about $10,000 in savings compared to the standard buying model. We are providing this so almost everyone can fulfill their dream to eventually own their own home .

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